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Global CF0, LLC (ContractualCFO): International Consulting, Accounting, Auditing and Training Firm

Time is money...

The question...

Does your organization ever have operational projects they have a hard time completing based on internal resources?

The answer...

Financial Process Consulting and BPR Financial Infrastructure / Interim CFO / IPO Implementations / Project Management  / Troubled Company Reviews / ERP Software Fit/Gap analysis reviews / Econometric modeling and Profitability Analysis/ Financial and Entrepreneurial Training / Management/Executive Development



Policy and Management Consulting Group



Effective Liquidity Management in the Post-Credit-Crunch Era

Effective Liquidity Management in the Post-Credit-Crunch Era


Global Financial Crisis (and the concepts of risk and return) - who contributed?

Global Financial Crisis (and the concepts of risk and return) - who contributed?


Asset-Liability Matching, What is it?

Asset / Liability Matching - What is it?


Our pledge...

To bring value to our Clients; top quality resources (senior level experienced consultants), deliverables ahead of schedule, long-term relationships, global expertise and all within corporate budget constraints.



√  USAID / EU / ADB Projects

√  IAS / IFRS & Local GAAP

√  Training and Documentation

√  Process Mapping the Close Process

√  IPSAS Training and Implementation

√  Project Management / Training

√  Convergence to IFRS

√  IFRS Implementations

√  Merging International Acquisitions

√  Managing International Spin-offs

√  Infrastructure / SME Development

√  Process Reengineering / Mapping

Process/Procedural Infrastructure Cost Reduction Improvements

√  Financial / Business Transformation

  Econometric / IPO Modeling


Our goal is to establish long-term and value-added relationships by providing ongoing permanent (or temporary) Financial Management. Your CFO can be only a phone-call away.



Video Clipping 


Where Companies Fail

Home Run

Reality of Leadership

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  • The broad scope of challenges facing the world’s top financial executives is unlike any other period in modern business history. CNBC has assembled an elite group of chief financial officers representing public and private companies from various major sectors, to share their frontline insights and unique views on key issues and challenges facing today’s CFOs.


In the final analysis...

Specializing in market planning and strategy development; sales planning, budgets and econometric modeling; cash flow budgets/ projections, including analysis and financing options/strategies.

As a Small Start-Up Business Owner, Let Us Be Your Solution and ease your current and tremendous workload, by being your right hand, for periods when your workload is excessive. Let Us be an interim complement to you and your staff.


  • Accounting Set Up
  • Audits & Workpapers
  • Business Startup Development
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Cash Flow Forecasts / Financing
  • Troubled-Company Reviews
  • Taxation & Workpapers
  • Infrastructure & Internal Controls


i-learning: the only intelligent learning system that can deliver tailored training smoothly aligned with the company’s HR process

The Georgian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce is the largest and most vocal global Business Association, it includes over 350 corporate and youth members and 27 business associations.

The IABFM continues to expand its membership base and the number of training programs it runs annually. Last year we increased the number of programs significantly and, at this stage, by the end of 2014 we will have added 40% more programs compared to 2013. This is a result of the excellent efforts of our business partners globally.





 to all businesses including major Fortune 500 organizations.

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