Global CF0, LLC (ContractualCFO): International Consulting, Accounting, Auditing and Training Firm

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Let Us Be Your Solution and ease your current and tremendous workload, by being your right hand, for periods when your workload is excessive. Let Us be an interim complement  to you and your staff.


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GlobalCfo is expert at developing entrepreneurs and building 3-5 year business plans and cashflow projections as a prerequisite for accessing financing sources. GlobalCfo targets accounting standards compliance and theory, sound infrastructure /process mapping and COSO 2013/solid internal controls and last but not least documentation /Policy and Procedures and other manuals. Additionally interimCFO services (or Rent-a-CFO by the hour/day) are offered locally or remotely as well as training at all levels and all functions not just accounting; e.g., management and leadership skills. Pre-M&A is also offered.

SignUp2 to all businesses including major Fortune 500 organizations.

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