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Let Us Be Your Solution and ease your current and tremendous workload, by being your right hand, for periods when your workload is excessive. Let Us be an interim complement to you and your staff.

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Independent Contractor / Direct Clients and others include...






  1. Al Ahram Beverages Company
  2. Ascential Software
  3. Baxter International Inc.
  4. Bearing Point (KPMG Consulting)
  5. Bronner, Slosberg and Humphrey (Digitas)
  6. GFATM (Global Funds)
  7. DAI
  8. ES-KO (UNMIS)
  9. Fleet Bank
  10. Homegrown Originals
  11. IDX
  12. Metromedia International Group
  13. National Managed HealthCare
  14. New England Wild Flower Society
  15. NII (Nextel) Holdings
  16. Nobel Limited Company
  17. PADCO
  18. Polaroid Corporation
  19. Scholastics
  20. Scudder Stevens and Clark
  21. TravCorp/Cross Country Staffing
  22. Ultimate Bagel Company
  23. UMass Memorial Health Alliance
  24. USAID
  25. ChangeGroup-US
  26. CADG (Singapore)
  27. Four Winds Capital Management (Boston)
  28. Leoron                                                                     C              
  29. GFA Consulting Germany /GFATM  
  30. South African Development Community
  31. Cardno Emerging Markets       
  32. USAID/Dhaka Mission to all businesses including major Fortune 500 organizations.

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