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Grant Thornton Example Consolidated 2008 IFRS Statements Click Here
Ernst & Young Good Petroleum (International) Limited Illustrative IFRS Financial Statements Click Here
GTI_IFRS_Top_20.Tracker Click Here
PwC_IFRS_USGAAPSep08 Click Here
PwC_ifrs_implementation_guide Click Here
PwC_adopting_ifrs Click Here
Grant_Thornton_US_GAAP_v_IFRS_Comparison Click Here
KPMG_Comparison.US.GAAP.IFRS Click Here
EY_IFRS_GoodGroup_2007 Click Here
McGladrey.Pullen_Preparing.for.IFRS.whitepaper Click Here
Fundamentals_Software.RevenueRecognition Click Here
SEC_404guide_SME Click Here
WhatstheBigDealaboutVSOE Click Here
SEC_Pozen.Report Click Here
IFRS_reducingcomplexity_reportingfinancialinstruments_110 Click Here
ICAEW_UE_Implementation.IFRS.Complete.Survey.2007 Click Here
GPPC_Principles-based.Stds_White_Paper Click Here
SEC-RoadMap.Proposed.33-8982 (Modified: 11/18/2008)  Click Here to all businesses including major Fortune 500 organizations.

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