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President/CFO at ContractualCFO & Sox International


"USAID/Bangladesh/Bagh Project: Peter Welch provided technical assistance in financial management, procurement, human resource, and program performance systems directly to our client USAID. He transferred knowledge and essential skills to improve financial management, procurement, and human resource systems for the purpose of managing risk and sustainability. He designed and implement targeted capacity building and technical assistance, based on the project’s needs/SACs. He worked closely to inform USAID’s Agreement Officer’s Representative (AOR) on team progress toward establishing these systems as well as the team’s overall capacity to sustain these systems through the end of project. Mr. Welch also worked to ensure that the USAID team not only the established capacity to undertake the Special Award Conditions, but also the sustained capability to undertake these responsibilities over the life of the project.  Hence, Mr. Welch was expected to provide technical services as well as coaching/mentoring to ensure that the systems built are understood and guidance/protocols are produced and adopted by relevant staff. Georgia Griffith, President, CEO, GMG Management Consulting, Inc"

"USAID/Bangladesh/Bagh Project: As Peter's involvement with WildTeam draws to a close, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all his hard work and efforts in bringing us to full compliance with USAID. Peter's interest in WildTeam goes far beyond just his scope of work and I truly believe from many private conversations that he cares a great deal about our future success. He has shared his insights into our organization and where issues have arisen that needed to be addressed Peter has willingly brought these to my attention. I very much appreciate this. His experiences have proven to be of great value. Hopefully a future opportunity may arise where we can again use his skills for WildTeam’s benefit. Md. Anwarul Islam, PhD, Chief Executive, WildTeam (May 2014)"

"I have worked (2013) with Mr. Peter Welch within the international organization GFA. Considering my 25 years of work experience I can say that Mr. Welch was the best Team Leader that I have ever worked with. The way he can lead and can create a motivation within his subordinates and colleagues is really unbelievable. He is always ready to take responsibility, mobilize the team and focus on deadlines for special tasks. His background and huge experience makes discussions with him very pleasant. He has an excellent ability to pass his knowledge to you. And finally Mr. Welch is a very friendly and kind person with a great sense of humor. Vasil Janjgava, GFA Consulting Group, Financial Management Professional, Georgia (February 2014)"

"Peter Welch and I, as Team Leader, along with two other team members were engaged by the National Treasury of South Africa to teach IPSAS/IFRS based financial reporting to senior public-sector financial and accounting officials. Peter demonstrated excellent teaching skills in delivering the training course and was well received by both the client and the trainees.  It was commented as unusual to find anybody that clearly enjoys and embraces these accounting and technical issues. Peter was an excellent team member and always attempted to positively contribute despite what were at times onerous client demands and a work scope that was evolving during this engagement." George Brittain, Project Team Leader

"Peter was my contact at a major beverage manufacturing company several years ago. I was a consultant to the company and Peter was working there as a financial manager. We were working on related assignments. I found Peter to be very bright; he readily understood complex financial issues and was able to develop keen insights into the relevant issues. Peter has demonstrated a good understanding of the financial, accounting and operating issues for several companies. I highly recommend Peter for CFO and other financial assignments." Jerrold Katz, Principal, J P Katz & Associates was with another company when working with Peter at ContractualCFO & Sox International

“Peter is excellent at quickly analyzing a companies systems, and human resources. Peter can be relied upon for an honest appraisal and realistic assessment of system and process needs. I am always impressed by his questioning mind; and I love bouncing ideas off him and can guarantee an original and valued response.” Ian Petts, Chief Accountant, ES-KO International managed Peter indirectly at ContractualCFO & Sox International

“Peter is a truly competent, dynamic and useful resource for all things SOX and accounting control related. Furthermore, he has a broad strategic business view which allows him to recommend real solutions to business issues. Highly recommended.” Anthony Francis, CEO / Founder, Commerce Chain Consulting was with another company when working with Peter at ContractualCFO & Sox International

“Peter is both a client and a collaborator. Peter and I have spoken together on Sarbanes-Oxley (he focused on SOX compliance/internal controls) and Peter's level of preparation and knowledge were impressive.”  Jonathan Trafimow, Partner, Epstein Becker & Green, P.C. was a consultant or contractor to Peter at ContractualCFO & Sox International

“Peter is a finance expert, with deep insight into domestic and international finance. Peter is extremely charismatic, and his grasp of the issues at hand makes him a great leader. As a fellow finance professional, I wholeheartedly endorse Peter.” Rahoul Banerjea, Vice President, Finance, Digimarc ID Systems, LLC was with another company when working with Peter at ContractualCFO & Sox International

“I can best describe Peter Welch as a visionary entrepreneur with great determination, focus and drive to succeed. I have met Peter while conducting a search for a Client company of mine for a Sr. Level Finance Consultant with Sarbanes Oxley Audit experiences. As a result of having many conversations with Peter, I found him to be a refreshing intellectual who not only possess very strong “academic teaching background” but also has many years of demonstrated “hands-on” corporate experiences and successes. His in-depth knowledge with Sox and Sarbanes Oxley makes him a strong and valuable contributor.” Eva Jenkins, Owner, VIPInnovations was a consultant or contractor to Peter at ContractualCFO & Sox International

"During 2003, Peter Welch was sub-contracted to work for my firm, PADCO Inc., out of Washington, DC, on a USAID funded Local Government Support Activities program in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We employed Peter as a Process Reengineer, on a short-term basis, until the permanent hire was available to travel. Given our commitments and imminent deadlines under this program, we required someone with Peter's experience, maturity and skill sets to go in, at very short notice, to take charge and get the Process Reengineering project underway. He was contracted to initially guide the development of process reengineering and information mapping within the local Public-sector Municipalities. This assignment also demanded considerable tact and diplomacy in order for Peter to effectively be a change-agent within an Eastern European culture and dealing with Department Heads of 30+ years experience and a history of conflict. He did an excellent job, especially at such short notice, in establishing the benchmarks that would later be repeated throughout other Republic of Srpska localities. The one-stop shop program has proven to be a great success, certainly in part to Peter's initial efforts in developing, documenting and improving the processes involved. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter, and his firm, as he moves forward in similar assignments and especially on an international basis." Duane Kissick, President to all businesses including major Fortune 500 organizations.

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